Research Debrief: Benchmarking the new normal (2020)

In the widest research report ever conducted by Field Service News we spoke to over 230 field service management professionals worldwide to understand what trends are emerging as we collectively build the new normal. 


Kris Oldland is joined by FieldAware’s Marc Tatarsky and Steve Mason to look through the findings in greater detail. In the first part of this two-part deep-dive into understanding what the findings of this study mean for the global field service sector the group discuss:


The financial impact of the pandemic – 57% of companies have faced issues with customers being unable to pay for services.


Introduction of customer prioritisation – 63% of field service companies state that they have had to introduce some level of customer prioritisation as a result of the pandemic and 49% of these believe this approach will remain in place after the pandemic. 


Getting closer to the customer – 35% of field service companies state the amount of time they spend communicating with their customers has increased during the pandemic with 67% of  respondents stating they speak to customers at least once a week.  

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