Research Debrief:  Benchmarking the New Normal - Part Two (2021)

In this exclusive debrief session Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News, is joined by FieldAware’s Marc Tatarsky and Steve Mason to look through the findings of this groundbreaking research in greater detail. 


In the second part of this deep-dive into understanding what the findings of this study mean for the global field service sector the group discuss:  We are now in an era of connected field service – 76% of companies state they have the capability to read data from their assets in the field, Many companies have extensive connectivity across their install base – 39% of the companies which have IoT capabilities have this across 75% or more of their assets, The pandemic was an accelerant of existing plans – 64% of companies already had a digital transformation plan in place, however, 67% of these companies stated that the pandemic accelerated these plans. 



These areas and much more are discussed as our panel really gets under the skin of the study’s findings and bring further insight into what the future of field service is shaping up to look like.

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