Research Debrief: CustomerCustomer-Centricity, Technology and the New Normal of the Field Service Sector - part two (2021)

FSN Research recently undertook a detailed study in partnership with HSO to understand precisely what CSAT metrics are being tracked by field service organisations. At the same time, the study also explored the digital transformation journey our sector has been on for several years and how this was significantly accelerated due to the pandemic across 2020 and into this year.


Having published the results, Dan Snowdon, Danny Wieder and Kevin Brown of HSO joined Field Service News Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland to discuss the findings of the study in greater depth.


Discussed in the concluding part of this series: What technology and tools are being used for measuring CSAT? How much did the pandemic impact customer-centricity and digital transformation? Is the move toward servitization gaining greater traction? Why field service companies are increasingly turning to servitization? Why co-creation is increasingly becoming the secret to successful service delivery design


These areas and much more are discussed in this detailed, informative, and engaging video debrief that offers essential insight for all field service management professionals.

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