Research Debrief: The impact of asset data flow beyond the silo of field service operations (part two)

In a changing world of operations and technology, two key topics dominate the discussions within the field service industry.


These are servitization and digital transformation and the importance of asset data lies at the heart of each of these two growing trends. However, as an industry have we even begun to scratch the surface of the true value of asset data? 


This is a burning question and a fundamental pillar on which we are building the future of field service yet largely it remains unanswered with clear quantifiable data. To resolve this FSN Research in partnership with ServiceMax have gone further than anyone else in their latest research study to get to the heart of the trends we are seeing in our industry regarding the utilisation and flow of asset data amongst service organisations. 


Having published a detailed 20-page benchmarking report available exclusively to Field Service News subscribers Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Field Service News invited ServiceMax’s Coen Jeukens, Sumair Dutta and Mark Wilding to talk through the findings of the report and to reflect on what the clear headline trends revealed mean for the wider field service sector. 


The conversation was packed full of insight as the group shared their knowledge from multiple industry touchpoints and many years of experience. 


In this concluding video from that two-hour-long debrief session the topics include:


  • Is the answer to using data effectively dependent on technology processes or both?
  • Which types of asset data are shared across the wider organisation?
  • Service leaders are increasingly getting a say at the executive table
  • The importance of understanding service within the executive business strategy
  • How often do service leaders work alongside their colleagues from other units?
  • Joining the dots between asset data and spare parts logistics
  • All business units in an organisation need to pull together to deliver advanced services
  • The correlation between the distribution of asset data and improved service delivery
  • It is no longer a question of why asset data but how?
  • What are the key take-aways from this study into the use of asset data in field service?

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