Research Debrief:  Understanding Virtual Field Service: Part Two (2021)

Having published the findings of an exclusive research study with Salesforce to understand what the dramatic rise of remote service within our sector will mean for the future, Field Service News Editor-in-Chief is now joined by Salesforce’s Sassi Idan, Michele Federici and Michael Kuebel to talk through the findings of this important research project and extrapolate further meaning and insight from the data.


In the concluding video report of this two part session the group discuss:  Is the implementation of the technology the easiest part of adopting remote services? What are the Challenges and opportunities that come from embracing a world of remote service delivery? Is the biggest challenge with remote service a lack of skill-sets on the customer side? What does service excellence look like when it comes to remote service delivery?


These areas and much more are discussed as our panel really gets under the skin of the study’s findings and bring further insight into what the future of field service is shaping up to look like..

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