Research Report: Benchmarking the New Normal from Year Zero

The last 6 months have been as tumultuous and challenging as we collectively as a global society have known since the end of the second world war in 1949. Indeed, during the pandemic it was almost impossible to not use various war analogies when discussing the challenges, we all faced. We were all in the trenches together facing an unprecedented threat, magnified by uncertainty, amplified by the very foundations of the global society we live in today.


However, this was not a world war, this was a battle against an enemy who cared little for borders, an enemy that had no concern about the ethnicity or nationality of its victims. This was an enemy that was coming for all of us, and so unlike a war that pulled nations apart, the global pandemic of 2020 brought us together, in our hour of adversity, we ultimately, beyond the petty bickering of the politicians and media, stood together.


In business, our economy was decimated by a prolonged lockdown that still continues in various degrees in differing nations – at least at the time of writing this report in October 2020. Debate has been ongoing since the earliest of the lockdowns as to whether the economy would see a sharp V-shaped bounce back or if we would see a much more protracted deeper cutting global recession.


What is certain however, is that whenever we find ourselves moving back towards a more standardised version of working, whenever we fully emerge into the ‘new normal’, it will be an environment that is very different from what came before.


As field service leaders we have had the dual challenge of keeping operations running, adapting on the fly to the ever-changing environment that has been field service delivery in 2020, while simultaneously planning for what service delivery will look like for our organisations both on the route towards recovery and beyond.

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