Research Report: Benchmarking Workforce Management Amongst Service-Centric Companies (2021)

Across all service-centric sectors, a universal maxim is that an organisation’s most valuable resource is its staff.

We exist in a service-centric economy, one where an effective workforce can and does bring competitive advantage, and a misfiring workforce can lead to multiple problems that could impact revenue, operations, and customer and employee churn.


Indeed, despite the repeated challenges of the last twelve months, the field service sector kept rumbling onwards, driven by an exceptionally dedicated workforce.


However, as we look forward to recovery, we are now facing many questions about the future workforce of the future. 


Therefore, it is vital to understand what defines the best-in-class management of this most valuable asset, our staff. To further clarify this picture, Field Service News Research has partnered with HR specialist solution provider Goodt to broaden this particular study’s scope beyond the traditional field service sector and into the wider services sector.


In particular, we have expanded this specific study to include the retail and hospitality sectors. In terms of many core aspects of human resource management, including gamification and managing employee churn, these sectors have often driven many trends that are becoming more widely adopted across service-focused sectors.


The key overarching questions we were seeking to answer in this study were:


  • What are the key metrics for identifying positive workforce management?
  • How are companies ensuring that their workforce is optimized both in terms of finance and productivity?
  • What tools are being used amongst service-centered organizations to manage their workforce?
  • What does best practice look like in terms of employee engagement?


These questions formed our survey’s basis as we begin to understand what workforce management may look like in the new normal.


To find out more, Field Service News Research, in partnership with Goodt has undertaken a highly focused research study, talking to over 80 field service management and human resource leaders across the world.


These companies are from various industry verticals, including Manufacturing, Utilities, Aviation, Pharma, Telco, Med-Tech, as well as retail, hospitality, and others.


The study was held on a global basis so with representatives from all regions of the world.


The study was held across February and March 2021. In this exclusive report, we look at the key findings of this study and outline the critical early trends of this essential conversation that must be evaluated both within the field service sector and beyond.

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