Research Report: Overcoming the Impact of Covid-19 in Field Service (2020)

We are about 6 months into the Covid-Crisis, and it still is uncertain how long the governmental restrictions and limitations will be in force. It is also hard to predict how long and deep the economic impact will be and what other impacts the crisis will have on our industries.


Nevertheless, there are strong signs COVID-19 is here to stay for a while.


Previous crises have taught us that during and after a crisis, leading innovators set themselves apart from the stagnating laggards. Leading innovators continue with more radical and viable innovations which are aligned with the changing environment and industries.


They are less vulnerable for the changes and are better able to reap the benefits of the new opportunities.


Overcoming a crisis in 3 distinct phases The best approach to overcome a potentially disruptive crisis like COVID-19 is to go through the following 3 phases:


  • Phase 1 – Rapid Response to the immediate impact on safety and continuity.
  • Phase 2: Review and Rethink, to gain a broader, more holistic and longer-term perspective on the crisis
    • a)  How to secure continuity when the crisis continues for a longer period and
    • b) How to overcome an economic recession which may follow.
  • Phase 3: Redesign and Innovate your continuity plans, operating model and value propositions

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