Special Report: Why IoT is the Future of Field Service (2019)

In this exclusive Field Service News Special Report, we explore a number of key areas of why IoT is set to be a crucial component of field service delivery moving forward and how field service organisations can harness it.


Features within the report include: Will IoT live up to the hype? How to embrace AR and IoT together, Why IoT is democratizing field service, Why IoT alone is not enough for modern service delivery, How IoT can deliver real benefits for smaller organisations, A brief understanding of IoT in field service 


Featuring within the report include:


  • Don’t believe the hype? 
  • How To Embrace Augmented Reality In Field Service 
  • Why IoT is Democratizing Servitization
  • IoT Alone is Not Enough
  • IoT Delivers Real Benefits to Small Businesses
  • A Safe Evolution: A Brief History of IoT in Field Service

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