The Essential Guide to the Remote Assistance (2021)

For many organisations in the field service sector, prior to the arrival of the pandemic, the concept of remote service delivery was likely appealing, possibly even on their road map. However, for the majority of field service companies, remote service remained a part of a future that was yet to arrive within their organisation, and often even within their industry.



At the start of 2020, remote service delivery was a relatively untapped area of expertise amongst field service companies. 


The tools were there. Indeed the technologies supporting remote service delivery were becoming more sophisticated, better integrated and had matured enough to become reliably deployed within a field service context (and had been for some time).


Yet, remote service delivery was only being effectively used by a growing but still a relatively small number of companies who had an advanced understanding of how the service sector would evolve.



Fast forward to the beginning of 2021 and in some ways that landscape has changed massively. The pandemic has changed remote service from being an exciting approach that a best-in-class section of the industry were utilising, to a primary method of service delivery as our industry has rapidly adapted to the new world. 


In response to this we have developed this guide in partnership with RealWear, OverIT and SPACE1. Remote service is set to be a core component of our industry in the not too distant future, so we hope this guide provides a useful start to your own remote service delivery journey.


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