Think Tank Sessions: Executive Briefing - Digitalization and Disruption (APAC Edition) (2021)

The world changed in 2020 beyond all recognition. The pandemic brought with it the most significant global disruption we have seen since the second world war. Even now, we are still only just beginning to exit the grips of lockdown in some parts of the world, such as Eastern Australia.


Yet, in many ways, the field service sector was fortunate. The tools that we needed to find a way to keep moving forward and keep our customers operational in even these most testing times were already to hand. So the rapid adoption of technologies such as remote service was a relatively easy transition to make in the heat of necessity.


But what happens now as the dust begins to settle and we begin to establish the new normal for our industry?


Do we keep heading down the path of accelerated digital transformation the pandemic has put us on, or do we take a moment to pause and re-evaluate the importance of human to human interactions? Do we understand the value that our customers see in the service we deliver and do we need to reconsider where that value proposition lies now in this post-pandemic world?


Is investing in the tools that can empower our service transformation a necessity now as service providers find them in a sudden race to the top? Is this a world full of threat opportunities or both?


In this iteration of the Field Service News Think Tank sessions, we were joined by service leaders from across the Asia Pacific Region to give us their insights into all of these critical topics. As always, the level of insight that came from allowing the group to speak freely behind closed doors was exceptional.



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