Think Tank Sessions: Executive Briefing -Reimagining our Relationship with our Customers (2020)

The impact of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns across the world have become the backdrop to the world, perhaps not just in 2020 but for many, many years to come.


In this Think Tank Session, hosted online as a result of the pandemic, we took some time to try and digest exactly what the impact of Covid-19 has been before looking forward to how we build the new normal of tomorrow. It was a thought-provoking conversation, with each of us testing each other’s viewpoints. As would be expected in such unprecedented times, there were disagreements and debates about many of the key issues but also a lot of common ground in our collective thinking.


Similarly, when we bring together a selection of leaders with this much experience and insight in their ranks and give them the space to talk freely and openly, the conversation becomes passionate, and the discussion dives far deeper than the surface-level arguments and suggestions we may see elsewhere.


Indeed, this is the very reason why we devised the Think Tank format in the first place.


To tackle the big topics in-depth, and in this session, where we faced the most significant discussion of a generation, the group rose to the challenge magnificently.


The conversation was exactly what we need at the moment, honest, robust and productive.


In fact, it was such an insightful conversation full of intelligent and essential points that we felt we couldn’t condense it into one executive briefing report so we will be producing a series of reports from this session.


Here in this third and final report from the series we turn the lens on the changes in thinking we need to consider with regards to how we approach our conversations with our customers.


Featuring commentary from:


  • Alec Pinto, Regional Service Manager DACH, Leica Biosystems
  • Ged Cranny, Konica Minolta (BEU)
  • Rajat Kakar, Executive, IBM, Services EMEA
  • Daniel Brabec, Director, Digital Transformation, Service Max
  • Tony Chapman, General Manager, Customer Services, Siemens
  • Jan Van Veen, Founder and Managing Director at moreMomentum
  • Kieran Notter, VP Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax
  • Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News

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