Think Tank Sessions: Executive Briefing - Servitization: Challenge and Opportunity (2020)

Servitization is a topic that we have watched evolve from a discussion tucked away inside streams with a handful of attendees at industry conferences to the dominant topic that sits at the heart of many keynote presentations given in front of full auditoriums.


We have seen this evolution within just a matter of years. Today it is perhaps one of the single most pressing discussions within the boardrooms of many companies from wide and disparate industries.


The poster boys of the servitization movement have been well documented, their case studies well known. We have all heard the story behind Rolls Royce’s Power by the Hour.


Similarly, many of us will have heard how brands like Alstom, Caterpillar, and Phillips have forged a path for the rest to follow when it comes to establishing innovative advanced service-led programs that bring us closer to our customers and offer promises of longer-term contracts and enhanced profit margins.


Yet, as the old adage goes, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.


Servitization, while at its very root may be a simple concept to get our heads around, The Everything-as-a-Service world we live in today has helped in translating the idea to the masses, the truth is when it comes to implementing such programs, the road to success has many obstacles and challenges to overcome.


In this session of the Field Service Think Tank, we discussed many of these challenges in an open and insightful manner that has become a hallmark of these discussions. However, the one thing that struck me during the session is that although such challenges are prevalent, they are not insurmountable and the prize for achieving such innovations can be game-changing.


Featuring commentary from:


  • Maarten Wijnheijmer, Global Aftermarket Sales Director, Howden
  • Christo Roux, Director, Field & Workshop Services, Outotec, 
  • Coen Jeukens, VP Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax
  • Jan Van Veen, Founder, and Managing Director at moreMomentum, 
  • Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News

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