Think Tank Sessions: How will regulations drive digital transformation requirements for field service companies? (2022)

The Field Service News Think Tank Sessions are a unique project. We bring together an intimate group of senior field service management professionals and pick apart some of the pressing issues facing the global field service industry across a day worth of detailed discussion and debate.


The topics are varied, in-depth and full of insight and Field Service News is proud to facilitate these sessions and share with our audience the learnings from these collaborations – which we present to you verbatim to ensure the insight from each panel of industry leaders comes to you undiluted and in its essential form.


In this Think Tank we take a deeper dive into regulations and how will they drive digital transformation requirements for field service companies.


Some of the key questions posed included but not limited to:


· What are the regulatory pressures you feel will impact the field service sector most significantly in the near future?

· How can technology help us mitigate any potential issues field service organisations may face with such regulatory pressures?

· Does having multiple systems of record create an issue when it comes to being able to access and provide the data necessary to ensure compliant best practices?


There are many nuanced talking points within this complex discussion, many different viewpoints and equally compelling perspectives. In short, it is the perfect topic for discussion for the Field Service News Think Tank sessions, where we allow our members to push each other’s thinking as we work towards some common understandings.


In this iteration of the Field Service News Think Tank Sessions, we were joined by service leaders from across Europe to give us their insights into all of these critical topics.


As always, the level of insight that came from allowing the group to speak freely behind closed doors was exceptional. In this Executive Briefing report, we have tried to distil some of that excellent conversation into a series of salient takeaways to share with the broader industry.


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