ThinkTank Debrief: Digitalization, Servitization, Recovery (2020)

To try to make sense of the rapid change the pandemic has brought to our industry, Field Service News hosted a series of Think Tank sessions, here we dissect those discussions and unpack all the insight from hours of conversations with senior field service leaders.


In the last few months Field Service News, in partnership with ServiceMax have hosted a series of behind closed door Think Tank session which have seen senior field service leaders discuss the challenges of the last few months. In this exclusive session, we breakdown the key points raised and analyse what they mean for the field service sector. Join Kris Oldland, Coen Jeukens, Kieran Notter and Daniel Brabec as they breakdown some of the most important conversations the field service sector to be held in 2020.


Areas of discussion include: 


The Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Field Service, COVID-19: The Greatest Disruptor of All Time, Should we be moving to remote first as a default? Different Service Needs of Different Customers, Internal Structure of Servitization, Data, Insight, Action & Value, Where Does the Value of Digitalisation Lie? Knowledge as a Service Differentiator, Reframing the Service/Product Conversation, What is Driving the Move to Servitization, The Initial Challenges of Covid-19. 

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