Think Tank Sessions: Executive Briefing - Reassessing our approach to Service Delivery (2020)

One of the most interesting things about the field service sector is that whilst as a discipline it sits across a huge variety of wide and highly disparate industries, there remain overwhelmingly the same fundamental challenges, pain points, and goals for every organization operating a field service division.


Whether you operate in the print/copy market or heavy manufacturing, whether your engineers and technicians fix vending machines or jumbo jet engines, you will invariably find more common ground with other service leaders working in different sectors, than you will find differences.


In many ways, the same is true whether you have 10 engineers in your territory or 10,000.


Yes, some of the challenges of running a larger field service operation are more complicated, as are some of the tools you may use to do so – but the fundamental elements of what is great service and its growing role within industry remains in organizations of all sizes.


It was this train of thought that led Field Service News to partner with ClickSoftware to host the inaugural Field Service News Think Tank Session. The idea is to bring together a small, select group of senior service professionals from different sectors and different size organizations, to try and help us keep a firm grasp of the key issues and trends within field service that are translatable across all industries – and that is applicable for companies of all sizes.


The conversation was wide-ranging and each member of our industry panel brought their own unique insight to the table, giving us a diverse range of opinions that really got to the heart of the pervasive challenges field service organizations face in today’s rapidly evolving environment.


Across the next few pages, we have centered on some of the key areas of discussion and debate amongst this panel of industry leaders that were held across the day.


In each section we’ve left their points in transcript form, so what you are about to read comes directly from these service leaders themselves, giving you a true feel for the universal trends and insights that we saw emerge across the day.


It makes for fascinating reading and should be of value for any field service professional, regardless of industry, location, or company size. 

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