Video Report: Is data a fundamental building block of service excellence? (2019)

We often hear that data is the new oil of the twenty-first century, but does that hold true within a field service context? In this in-depth session from 2019, featuring Cognito’s David Webb and Dave Bochenski as well as Konica Minolta Head of Direct Service Ged Cranny and presented by Field Service News Editor in Chief Kris Oldland we explore the future of field service and ask just how critical the role of good data analytics will be in the future of field service.


Areas of discussion include: 


The Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Field Service, COVID-19: The Greatest Disruptor of All Time, Should we be moving to remote first as a default? Different Service Needs of Different Customers, Internal Structure of Servitization, Data, Insight, Action & Value, Where Does the Value of Digitalisation Lie? Knowledge as a Service Differentiator, Reframing the Service/Product Conversation, What is Driving the Move to Servitization, The Initial Challenges of Covid-19. 

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