White Paper: A Wind of Change - When and How to Implement an FSM System (2018)

Within the last decade, we have seen field service shift from being a necessary evil, to a core differentiator and even in some instances, to ultimately becoming the primary revenue stream.


Whilst this shift may not be as dramatic for all companies, you can be sure that almost every company with a field service operation – including you and your peers, will be at least some way along this path.


What is also certain is that as you make your way along this path, at some point you will need to take a look at your current field service processes and the technology you are using to support them.


Indeed, technology continues to play an increasingly important role in field service.


Your existing field service management (FSM) solution is likely to be well embedded within your workflow already – but as tools like the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality drive concepts such as ‘connected field service’ from futuristic vision to genuine process, an upgrade of your FSM system is going to be unavoidable. The problem is that a FSM solution is of course mission-critical and therefore any disruption caused when changing such an important system must be managed and minimised.


With this in mind this white paper explores how to identify key signs that it is time to upgrade your FSM system as well as examining some best-practice thinking on implementation and change management methodologies.

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