White Paper: CTRL ALT DELETE - Time to reboot field service?

As field service arrives in a new era the move away from legacy systems is becoming essential…


In many ways, much of what is shaping field service today has been evolving for over a decade. The importance of technologies such as Augmented Reality, The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence has been championed by key voices in our industry, such as Field Service News, for many years.


Yet, while progress was slowly and steadily being made in adopting such technologies and tools, it remained at a somewhat cautious pace – which is understandable given the mission-critical nature of our operations.


However, with the pandemic bringing a once-in-a-generation disruptive force, the need for change that had been growing incrementally in corners of the market arrived upon us fully realised and everywhere at once.


Indeed, as an industry, we were fortunate that we had the tools to hand that allowed us to adapt quickly and in essence, we re-invented our industry on the fly. It was a surge of innovation that saw us through the most challenging of periods. Yet, as in any such period of rapid evolution, now, as the dust settles, we are moving past the chaotic period of disruption and establishing more refined working processes based on the leaps we made in the last two years.


As the vision of the future of field service becomes much clearer, it is apparent that the legacy systems we are currently reliant upon may no longer be up to the task of helping us optimise service operations that now sit across both field and remote. Instead, we should be seeking to embrace next-gen FSM systems that were designed with such a future in mind. 


In this white paper, published in partnership with OverIT and authored by Field Service News Editor-in-Chief Kris Oldland, we explore three key reasons why the move away from legacy systems is rapidly becoming an urgent and pressing requirement for field service organisations.


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