White Paper: Defining service excellence in Twenty-First-Century business (2015)

We often talk about how modern technology has dramatically improved the way field service operates. 


However, whilst the improvements in technology have enabled us to see increased field service efficiency and productivity, the flip side of the coin is that our customers are now more empowered than ever.


For field service companies this means achieving the highest levels of customer service is not just a desirable goal, it is an imperative one.


Research by the Forum Corporation revealed that almost 70% of the identifiable reasons why customers left typical companies had nothing to do with the product. The prevailing reason for switching was the poor quality of service. Meanwhile, research from Lee Resources International highlighted that a staggering 91% of dissatisfied customers will never do business with a company again.


Additionally, there is the fact that the cost of acquiring customers is far greater than the cost of retaining them. In fact, it can be up to five times more costly to generate new clients than it is to keep your existing ones according to research from Forrester.


Yet despite the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting the case for placing a major focus on service at the top of the agenda, it appears that still, a significant number of companies have yet to see the light.


With this in mind, this white paper is written with a clear purpose. Firstly to highlight the growing need for businesses to embrace service excellence and secondly to help field service organisations better understand what factors can influence customers’ perception of their service standards, how best to measure this perception and how they can start developing a blueprint for improving their own service delivery.


Within the paper we look at some of the key areas that should be considered including:


  • How do we measure service quality?
  • Why field service companies must look beyond the call centre
  • The importance of unlocking the knowledge within your organisation
  • How self-service solutions can empower our customers and improve our efficiency

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