White Paper: Improving the service to cash cycle & boosting the service P&L through digitalisation

As we move into a post-pandemic world, the need for improving the service to cash cycle is more important than ever before…


Across the globe, many economies are still struggling to recover from the massive outlay of extended lockdowns and loss of productivity. Meanwhile additional societal and geopolitical pressures are driving the costs of operating a field service business to all-time highs.


While this is a threat to almost all businesses, it is a particular concern for smaller and medium organisations that may not have the deep pockets of their enterprise-level peers to mitigate such rising costs.


In such a backdrop, service organisations must be able to reduce the period it takes to go from service delivery to receiving payment while ensuring they have every opportunity to maintain a healthy bottom line on the service P&L.


However, this is something of a double-edged sword. Remember, cash flow is as crucial to our customers as it is to our organisation, so ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive customer experience is critical – service has to be completed quickly and efficiently if we are to have any hope of ensuring a fast service to cash cycle.


Our field service technicians and engineers have to hit every key positive aspect of the service experience. Ultimately, delivering service excellence is a simple yet pivotal part of ensuring that your organisation is paid on time.


Fortunately, with modern FSM technology, this is undoubtedly achievable. In this white paper, published in partnership with GoMocha, we shall explore:


  • Why in an era of economic uncertainty the service P&L has never been more critical
  • The impact to the business of a slow service to cash cycle
  • External and internal processes that can be refined to improve service to cash cycles
  • 3 key principles to digitalise your entire service lifecycle to boost the service P&L


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