White Paper: Reflect. Rethink. Revise

White Paper: Reflect. Rethink. Revise (2022)

This exclusive Field Service News white paper brings together an exclusive collection of essays authored by Kris Oldland, designed to help service leaders understand the challenges our industry faces in a post-pandemic world…


Our industry has changed so fast in such a short period that it can feel like every aspect of how we work has been flipped upside down. Throughout the pandemic, there was consistent talk of adapting to a new normal as we came out the other end of generation-defining disruption.


In many respects, we are now there, and as predicted, much has changed, and it has changed for good. There is no returning to what went before. But what does this mean for us as service leaders within the field service sector?


In an industry used to the constant shifting sands of ever-evolving work schedules, we have a habit of dealing with change in our stride. However, with so much changing around us, we need to stop and pause as we gather our thoughts on the most crucial aspects of field service operations.


That is what this white paper, published by Field Service News in partnership with ServiceNow, sets out to achieve. This paper intends to give you, as a service management professional, a catalyst for your own reflection.


As such, we won’t be offering magic bullet answers – there aren’t any. Instead, here you will find a collection of four short essays from Field Service News Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland, each based on an essential question about the future of field service.


Consider these questions a launchpad for your own journey of discussion as we collectively seek to redefine what field service is in this new normal we have been talking about for so long.


Of course, a significant part of service delivery of how we approach this new era will be aligned with working with next-generation technology providers who genuinely understand our industry. Our partner on this project, ServiceNow, is one such company, and we would like to thank them for supporting important initiatives like this that feed the discussion in our industry.


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