White Paper: End to end field service: A look at the technologies available in each step of the service lifecycle (2014)

End-to-end field service was one of the biggest buzz phrases heard across the past year.


At trade shows, in the industry press and not least from a considerable number of field service technology providers themselves we kept hearing that ‘end-to-end’ was a core consideration that field service organisations should be factoring on when exploring how they can modernise their current service management systems.


However, there was and still remains a number of inconsistencies around exactly what is end-to-end field service management. Is it a case of having all existing systems under one platform? Or perhaps just the need to have each of our various components within the field service chain talking to each other?


Is it a software or hardware solution – or is it both?


As with any emerging concept, it will take time to substantiate into clearly defined parameters (if ever). However, one thing is certain, taking in a comprehensive overview of each step in the lifecycle of a service call within your organisation is certainly an advisable route to take before even contemplating moving to a next-generation solution be it hardware, software or both.


Whilst the service journey may differ from organisation to organisation, as in reality, no two companies are identical, there are key points within the service cycle that will likely exist within most organisations.


In this white paper, we will look across some of these points and explore some of the technology solutions that could help both you and your company in achieving higher first-time fix rates and better field service productivity.

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