White Paper: The Five Stages of Field Service Evolution (2015)

There are a number of constants that keep reappearing in various research studies into the field service industry in recent times.


Firstly, the global economy is still stumbling and placing pressure on businesses of all sizes, in all industries. A poll conducted by Aberdeen Group during their CSO Summit earlier this year showed that the two biggest market pressures were reduced customer spending (44%) and increasing resource costs (40%).


These two factors are easily attributed as symptoms of the wider issues of global economic uncertainty and inflation. Secondly, and partially as a result of the aforementioned economic pressures outlined above, service excellence has now become a major battleground for companies looking to both retain their existing client base and win new business. 


A measure of this is that more and more we are seeing the conversion of service departments from cost centres to profit centres.


Of course one of the key enablers of this dramatic strategic shift (both in thinking and in the actual operating of businesses), is the rapid emergence of new technologies, in particular new mobile technologies, which creates the opportunity for a number of previously implausible added value propositions.


The combination of this multi-industry move to realign business focus on service, plus the huge technical strides made within the last few years, would hint at the dawning of a golden age of service. However, sadly

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