White Paper: Mobile Data-Collection: How and Why You Should Ensure Your Service Engineers Harness the Data All Around Them (2018)

In today’s field service sector companies are facing an increasingly complex set of challenges and the collation and analysis of data paradoxically seem to often be found at both ends of the spectrum.


Data can be at the heart of many problems for a field service organisation as they struggle to find useful insight amongst ever-increasing banks of data locked away in differing business silos.

Yet the rewards for breaking down those silos and also being able to identify where the insight is within your data can lead to better service levels than have ever been possible previously.


The vast amount of data that we have access to today can potentially give us a much more intimate understanding of our customer base than ever before, giving us the ability to understand and even predict their needs, far more accurately than we have ever been able to manage previously.


However, the flip side of this benefit is that companies are now finding themselves drowning in data – which becomes meaningless without insight, a challenge that can be magnified further if data is locked away behind walls within an organisation.


It can be a daunting challenge to not only establish processes that allow the collection of data but also to ensure that when collected, data can move seamlessly across an organisation to fulfil its maximum potential.


Yet in today’s business climate where service has become a core differentiator, there has perhaps never been a more urgent need to ensure you are harnessing every tool available to you in the most efficient manner in order to stay just one step ahead of the competition – and data certainly holds many of the keys to service excellence when it’s collected, processed and analysed correctly.


An interesting symptom of operating in a world of technological advancements, is that when we talk about data collection within a field service context the topic immediately turns to IoT – but in doing so are we overlooking one of the most important resources in a service organisation already at our disposal – the field service engineers themselves?


In this white paper, we will explore how field service companies can utilise their service engineers to collect data whilst in the field simply by using their existing mobile devices and how this can then lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


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