White Paper: Connected Service - From Reactive to Dynamic Collaborative Resolution

Written by: Aly Pinder, Program Director, Service Innovation and Connected Products; Tom Mainelli, Group Vice President, Device and Consumer Research

Organizations are at an inflection point when it comes to the service experience. Enhancing the customer relationship requires a new engagement model where service management and customer experience unite to transform and differentiate the brand in a disrupted competitive environment.


The field and customer service operation has seen a dramatic shift in the past 15 months. Due to the pandemic, the ability to physically get access to equipment or a customer site has been limited or, in some cases, restricted completely.


As regions of the world reemerge into a “next normal” state at different rates, organizations will operate using a variety of service models that rely on remote resolution, collaboration, and engagement. A change is occurring across industries whereby the customer experience is becoming a critical differentiator, and the way organizations engage customers will become a higher priority.


Customers expect organizations to solve the stated problem efficiently and enhance the experience by going beyond the work order to establish a partnership that requires little effort on the customer’s part.


In this transformed business landscape, manufacturers and service organizations will need to address the following challenges to achieve success and relevance with customers:


  • Enabling data and knowledge accessibility for all relevant stakeholders
  • Eliminating silos across service, customer support, and other functions that hinder a shared and enhanced customer experience
  • Automating manual processes and static work instructions that delay responses and resolution
  • Contending with an aging workforce and a related knowledge drain
  • Addressing the need to be more customer focused to personalize experiences and deliver enhanced value at each engagement point
  • Providing service employees and customers with new tools that optimize remote and self-solve support, moving from a reactive break/fix service model to a more proactive and predictive approach


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