White Paper: The impact of telecommunication industry trends on CX and service management

The telecommunications industry is at the forefront of several technology trends that create improved ways for consumers and businesses to interact and new business models focused on outcomes.


Telco firms around the globe are racing to meet an unprecedented market demand for 5G connectivity. In fact, 5G services represented a $46.6 Billion global market in 2021 and are predicted to reach $66.5 Billion by 2028.


Yet how can telcos deploy 5G and fiber optic networks effectively while also fueling revenue growth and providing a seamless CX?


Read the latest IFS whitepaper “The Impact of Telecommunication Industry Trends on CX and Service Management”, written by Michael Blumberg, President of Blumberg Advisory Group, and be inspired by industry innovators from the world’s largest telco firms including T-Mobile, Bell, Eltel and more.


Download the white paper to learn:


  • Key technologies and trends such as AI chatbots, IoT, edge computing and outcomes-based service models that will drive future growth within the industry


  • Which best-in-class solutions successful telcos adopt to improve the CX and operational performance


  • Advice from industry executives on how to achieve profitable revenue growth and higher customer retention


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