White Paper: Service Management Buyer's Guide

White Paper: Service Management Buyer's Guide

Find the service software partner that will meet your ambitions.


The past few decades have fundamentally changed the boundaries, perceptions, and expectations of what service delivery means for the modern economy.


The days of localized, disparate support have in many instances been superseded by a coherent, connected strategy, and even within those small support offerings, the options and expectations for how service would be scheduled, how partswould be allocated, and how service itself is delivered has only grown more complex.


To deliver exceptional service in today’s landscape, your operations, people, assets, and parts need to be tracked, analyzed and optimized by a powerful enough service platform to meet your expectations.


Is your current system up to the task?


Download this whitepaper, published by IFS and now available at Field Service News, to find out:

  • The unique position that service should sit within your organization
  • The key capabilities that define best-in-class service today
  • The implementation rigors that accompany deployment of new and replacement service software
  • How to align your service workflow uniquely to the technologies that will help deliver growth

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