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Quick Guide Videos: Basics

Getting Started with Field Service News – Home Page Tour
What topics each of the monthly curated feeds cover
The FSN Monthly Curated Feeds – Quick Tour & Overview
Accessing your monthly selection of FSN FREE premium content
Finding your personal account management tools for FSN

Quick Guide Videos: Affiliate Program

How to Register For The FSN Affiliate Program (Share Amazing Content. Make Money) 
Creating Affiliate Links in the FSN Affiliate Portal and Building a Referral Pipeline
Using the FSN Affiliate Program Creative Asset Library for Higher Conversion Rates

Quick Guide Videos: FSN Premium Resource Library (Requires FSN PRO/PRO+)

Browsing the FSN premium content library available to you as an FSN PRO member
Accessing content from the premium resource library as an FSN PRO member
Downloading premium content for offline viewing as an FSN PRO member
Adding Resources to Your FSN Personal Resource Library

Quick Guide Videos: FSN Education (Requires FSN PRO/PRO+)

FSN Education: An overview of the three course types available
FSN Education: Browsing enrolling and launching courses
What you can expect from an FSN Masterclass course 
What you can expect from an FSN Service Leadership course 
What you can expect from a Next Big Idea Course 
How to enroll in and launch an FSN Education course as an FSN PRO/PRO+ member
Submitting your Masterclass workbook so you can arrange the next steps call
Accessing your FSN Education certificates upon completion of your course
Exiting the FSN Education Platform back to your Hub

Quick Guide Videos: FSN Online Discussion Sessions (Requires FSN PRO+)

Browsing the FSN PRO+ online discussion sessions and registering to attend 
Overview of the different types of formats for the online discussion sessions
Requesting content for future online discussions and/or premium content

Quick Guide Videos: FSN Networking Platform (Requires FSN PRO/PRO+)

FSN Networking Platform: An overview of the platform and how to access
How to exit the FSN Networking Platform and return to your personal hub

Quick Guide Videos: Symposium Retreat (Requires FSN PRO+)

What you can expect at the Field Service Symposium Retreat in 2023
The Discussion Sessions being hosted at this year’s Symposium Retreat
How to secure your place at the in-person Symposium event before they run out

Quick Guide Videos: Knowledge Hub Framework (Requires FSN Teams Membership)

Overview of the Knowledge Hub Framework and Compound Knowledge Gains
Understanding the process of the Knowledge Hub framework in under 10 mins
Accessing content for your FSN Teams Knowledge Hub Page
How to access the Knowledge Hub Framework content assigned to you each month
The Knowledge Hub Timeline: Adding Your Takeaways
Refining the content you want us to allocate to your team
What to expect in your Knowledge Hub Framework monthly meeting