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June 13 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am

Service and aftermarket professionals are invited to an exclusive virtual fireside chat featuring the insights of Mike Wilkinson, a leading expert in value, and Lisa Hellqvist, MD of Copperberg. This event targets the evolving landscape of value-based selling within service-oriented sectors, emphasizing the need for a deeper, customer-centric approach to defining and delivering value.

As the global economy shows signs of recovery, businesses are increasingly focused on refining their approach to selling by emphasizing value—a concept often elusive but critical for sustained growth and customer satisfaction. 

This seminar explores the dynamic shifts necessary for service and aftermarket professionals to not only understand but also define value from the customer’s perspective, enabling more authentic and effective selling strategies.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Elusive Nature of Value: Unpacking why the concept of value remains elusive for many and how leading experts have successfully pinned it down.
  • Customer-Centric Value Definition: How integrating customer perception into your value framework is essential for clarity and effectiveness in selling.
  • The Value Triad©️ Approach: Detailed exploration of Revenue Gain, Cost Reduction, and Emotional Contribution to help professionals understand and leverage the total value provided to clients.
  • Understanding the Best Alternatives: Why knowing and comparing to a customer’s next best alternative is crucial for effectively selling value.
  • Enhancing Perceived Value: Strategies to deliberately influence and increase the customer’s perception of value, thereby boosting sales and profit.

This seminar is designed for professionals in the service and aftermarket sectors, including managers, directors, and team leaders who are responsible for sales, customer service, and business development. It’s also highly beneficial for those involved in pricing and product management within these industries.

Don’t miss the chance to transform your approach to selling by truly understanding and articulating value as perceived by your customers.

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