An Open Letter to the Field Service Sector

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Field Service News has expressed his thinking behind why it is so vital that the Field Service Expo 2020 goes ahead citing the pivotal role he believes field service will play in rebuilding the economy and the urgent need for the continuing acceleration of digital transformation within our sector…


Hi Folks,


Firstly, I hope you are all still keeping as well as can be in these turbulent times. 


Secondly, I wanted to make an announcement regarding the Field Service Expo 2020 – which is scheduled to be held on the 30th September and the 1st of October, at the Edgbaston International Cricket Ground, Birmingham, UK.


The important message is that we are planning to go ahead with the event.


I’ve put some thoughts together on a video to outline our reasoning and how we plan to proceed which you can find below. 


In fact, having given this long consideration, I feel it is our fundamental responsibility, as the leading voice within the field service sector, to do everything we can to make this event happen if at all possible. 


I truly believe that as we plot the path towards recovery, the field service sector will play a crucial role in building economic stability as we return to prosperity. The reality is that the likelihood of an extended economic downturn will see companies leaning heavier on the existing service and maintenance agreements they have in place as they seek to get the most from the assets they already have in place. Additionally, the need for new thinking could well drive forward the concepts of servitization and outcome-based service offerings in much the same way the economic downturn of 2008 drove the adoption of SaaS models. 


We have been moving towards a service-centric economy for some time, but now as we move into the ‘new normal’ of tomorrow, the drivers for that have shifted from nice-to-have to necessity. 


For the field service sector to continue to meet the demands of this ‘new normal’ it is imperative we embrace digital transformation and identify the solutions that can drive our service delivery to the next level. This is what the Field Service Expo was designed to do. To connect field service organisations, like yours, with the key solutions providers that can propel you forwards on your digitalisation journey. 


Of course, we are still in uncertain times, and I want you to know that our approach to ensuring the safety of all attendees has been both methodical and practical. Every measure will be taken to protect the safety of our attendees while still providing an opportunity for us all to come together as we drive our sector forwards and ensure that the hardships we have all faced during the first half of 2020, were not in vain as together we build a brighter tomorrow. 


Should the worst-case scenario emerge where we face a second wave and we are simply unable to go ahead with the Field Service Expo, then we have already planned a second date in Spring 2021 and all registrations for this year’s Expo will be valid for the revised date. However, we believe it is vital we move forward and make this event happen this year if it is at all feasible. 


Entry to the event will also be free for this year for all attendees again because we believe it is crucial we bring the industry together. However, due to social distancing measures that may still be in place, passes will be restricted and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 


Therefore, I urge anyone thinking of joining us for the expo to register now on the link below. 


I look forward to seeing you and meeting with you all there and as always if you have any questions you are welcome to contact me directly on my personal email






Editor-in-Chief & Founder,
Field Service News



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