The Fundamentals of Service Haven't Changed over Time

The Fundamentals of Service Haven't Changed over Time

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined on the Field Service News Digital Symposium by Prof Dr. Shaun West, Professor for Product-Service System Innovation at the University of Lucerne.


Prof Dr. West has recently published, with Paolo Gaiardelli and Nicola Saccani, ‘Modern Industrial Services – A Cookbook for Design, Delivery, and Management’, which illustrate the service challenges and provides an actionable change management roadmap for businesses.


During the discussion, Prof Dr. West provided some insights into his book and discussed with Kris a wide range of topics related to servitization and advanced services.


In this excerpt,  the two discuss how service organizations had to change and adapt to new ways of delivering service, but its fundamentals of service haven’t changed over time.

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