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Syncron Price Selected by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation to Boost Enhanced Service Parts Pricing Strategy

Syncron, the largest privately-owned global leader in intelligent Service Lifecycle Management SaaS solutions, announced today that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), has selected Syncron Price™ as the underlying technology to support its service parts pricing strategy. 

The importance of the aftermarket business is widely recognized for its direct link to high profitability and customer satisfaction as consumer behavior shifts from sell-out to subscription models and from products to services.  

Similar changes are also occurring in the manufacturing industry, which is being affected by changing consumption styles and evolving technologies, such as the early termination of component production due to shorter life cycles and the emergence of new types of components related to digitization. Against this backdrop, the task of forecasting the volume of demand and optimizing the appropriate price is becoming increasingly difficult. There are still many companies using manual entry in Excel or relying on intuition and experience, resulting in a growing gap between issues that require resolution and the current business environment. 

To establish more efficient and accurate pricing operations, MMC sought out a solution that can be used as a base system for pricing management operations for some time.  

“After comparing functions based on our requirements, we decided to go with Syncron, which has the highest reputation as a solution vendor, has a wide range of activities in Japan, and offers the best support,” said Mr. Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Manager of IT project promotion, Global IT Division, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation. “Syncron is the best solution for us. Additionally, we appreciate that we now have a solution that will evolve as a product in the future.”  

Syncron Price is a cutting-edge aftermarket pricing solution that leverages real-time market conditions, input costs, and competitive perspectives to help manufacturers improve productivity, reduce costs, and free valuable time to focus on handling and monitoring non-standard, complex situations. 

“As one of the world’s largest, most trusted automotive manufacturers, Mitsubishi faces an especially complex aftermarket pricing management landscape. So many SKUs, so many variables to consider as they work to simultaneously delight customers while protecting their margins,” said Anneliese Schulz, chief sales officer, Syncron. “Fortunately, Syncron was designed to transform manufacturers’ most complex aftermarket challenges into competitive differentiators. We couldn’t be more honored to partner with a globally respected brand like Mitsubishi to supercharge their customer satisfaction and pricing strategy – both in the short and long-term.” 

To learn more about Syncron Price, www.syncron.com/price.