Beyond the Data: Asset Data Beyond the Silo of Field Service

Beyond the Data: Asset Data Flow Beyond the Silo of Field Service

We know that our industry has changed significantly after the events of the last two years.


However, have we just seen the acceleration of a journey down a path we were already on? And how do we ensure that the progress we have made in many instances largely out of necessity, maintains momentum moving forward?


In this final, qualitative phase of this Field Service News Research study, Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, and Chris Hird, Editor, Field Service News conducted interviews with 34 individuals, all of whom had also participated in the initial phase of the research.


Within this report you will now find the final analysis of this study as we move ‘beyond the data’ produced in the initial phase of the study and explore further what the trends revealed mean for the field service sector with commentary that is based around both the debrief session and our series of follow up interviews.


While this report is written so it is possible to read as a stand-alone document, for those wishing full context you can also find the initial Executive Briefing, and two 45-minute videos from the debrief session within our resources library.


In this exclusive Field Service News report we discuss:
  • Identifying the biggest change in the industry for field service providers
  • Understanding what effective use of asset data looks like…
  • Identifying the biggest change in the industry for customer requirements
  • A key correlation between the extended use of asset data and wider business success…
  • A period of transition where asset data is collected through mutiple sources…
  • Does asset data analysis require fresh technology or fresh processes?

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