5.10.22 -6.10.22

Edgbaston Stadium, UK

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The Field Service Expo 2022

October 5th & 6th 2022 | Edgbaston International Stadium | United Kingdom

One stop shop for field service professionals to find the answers to the challenges they face. 


Features include a dedicated recruitment clinic, rugged hardware store, on-site demonstrations from all of the leading solution providers and a solutions theatre at the heart of the Expo with two full days of presentations, panels and interviews. 

Arrange one-to-one demonstrations of leading solutions your peers and competition are using…


Having been at the heart of the field service sector for a decade, the leadership team at Field Service News understood that the Field Service Expo had to be a one stop-shop for solutions that help field service companies overcome the challenges they face.


Our ethos is too make the time you spend with us as productive as possible all solution providers exhibiting have been briefed that the focus is on demonstrations and genuine education rather than bland and generic sales pitches and fluffy toys. 


A selection of the verified leading solution providers available at this year’s Field Service Expo are below. Upon registration for the Field Service Expo you will also be able to access exclusive resources from each solution provider and be able to access a connection link to arrange a personal one-on-one demonstration at the Expo. 






Exceptional service experiences are now business as usual...


Deliver magic service experiences


Service Intelligence gathers all your service data, analyzes it using Service AI, and gives service leaders, technicians and agents the critical info they need, exactly when they need it. So, now escalations vanish. Technicians know the right solution, sometimes before they even see the problem.


Visit Aquant's website to find out more about their solution

Transformational Service Management


Service management software to deliver service excellence, optimize workforce efficiency, and grow service revenues

IFS A Leader For The 6th Time In A Row


For the 6th time in a row, IFS has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Field Service Management report, with Gartner placing us furthest for our Completeness of Vision. We believe this means you can make service transformation a reality faster with the most innovative, connected and complete FSM solution available, infused with the deepest understanding of what Service means for your industry and your business.

Visit IFS website to find out more about their service management solution


NEXT-GEN Field Service Management



Supporting teams of technicians and engineers in fixing faults, performing preventive or emergency maintenance in mobility and in the field.

Leading our customers to the Field Service of the future...


The Next-Gen FSM platform covers end-to-end the entire FSM process, and provides the most advanced features for the smoothest integration with our customers’ application map, such as CRM, ERP, Asset Management, GIS, and IoT.


Our platform has modules explicitly designed for Field Service Management processes and activities.


From asset maintenance, to managing the maintenance processes of highly complex organizations, plants, and assets, and tracking performed tasks (resources, timeline, warranties, materials, etc.)


The Next-Gen FSM platform enables the schedule optimization of field resources, associating an appointment for an asset with the technician that best meets the requirements in terms of skills, optimized routing, materials and equipment, unexpected events, available/unavailable customers.


Finally, mobile empowerment provides technicians with the mobile devices needed for accurate and effective execution of work orders, as well as for collecting data offering the best possible service. Mobile empowerment applies to a wide range of scenarios, such as mobility, cooperation among users, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and further integrations.

Visit OverIT's website to find out more about their solution

Dynamics Advanced Field Service


In an ever-changing world with a growing focus on servitization field service organizations must adapt!

Accelerate your business with world-class end-to-end field service management


We realize that to maintain a competitive advantage with your field service organization, you must accomplish more with less staff, while customers demand higher service levels. We understand your need to streamline operations when facing increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives.


Back end automation is one of the biggest drivers of revenue growth for field service companies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service allows organizations of any size to deliver intelligent, world-class field service, managing all aspects of the end-to-end field service management cycle.


Dynamics Advanced Field Service offers significant additional functionality on top of Dynamics 365 Field Service in the areas of Case Management, Customer Assets, Agreements, Work Orders and Invoicing.


Visit HSO's website to find out more about their service management solution

FINAL MILE logistics

We make it quicker and easier for your engineers to get the parts they need. So when they say they’ll be there, they’ll be there.

Helping you deliver on your promises


With our UK network of intelligent lockers, you can promise your engineers they’ll be closer to the parts they need. And with our distribution services, we promise they’ll get them when they need them. So they’ll spend less time on the road and more time delivering the best service possible for your customers.


1,900+ sites

We have intelligent lockers at over 1,900 of our UK sites. They can track every collection and delivery. Keeping you on top of your stock levels and making sure your parts are always available for your engineers.


15 minutes

We promise to put your parts within a 15 minute* drive of your engineers. Wherever they are. Cutting time spent on the road and reducing carbon emissions. Helping you to meet government targets, and your own.


24/7 access

We’ll give your engineers secure access to our lockers 24/7 so they can get the parts they need, day and night. And when you use our distribution services we can get your day off to a good start with a pre-8am delivery. Cutting waiting time and late starts and improving productivity.

Visit BT Final Mile's website to find out more about their solution

Maximize Asset Performance



ServiceMax and Salesforce have joined forces to deliver an unparalleled solution that drives operational efficiency with a 360-degree view of assets on the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Maximize Asset Performance & Differentiate with Service


Faced with a new reality and the relentless march of digitization, companies across all industries are reimagining how they operate. Requirements for equipment performance have intensified while customer expectations of service continue to rise. To thrive, service organizations must advance beyond the standard break-fix model to ensure uptime, profitable growth, and customer satisfaction.


Our Asset 360 solution delivers complete visibility into your service operation, allowing you to maximize equipment uptime, reduce costs, and adopt outcome-based service models. Natively built on Salesforce, Asset 360 enables service organizations to:


  • Accelerate Time to Value
  • Reduce Warranty and Contract Leakage at Scale
  • Maximize Contract Attach Rates & Renewals
  • Manage Recalls, Change Orders, and Product Modifications with
  • Minimum Effort
  • Automate Parts, Return & Depot Repair Processes
  • Empower Sales and Account Teams to Drive Upsells and Renewals
  • Get Actionable Insights from Service Analytics
Visit ServiceMax's website to find out more about their Asset 360 and core solutions

AI powered route planning


Optimised orders. Lower costs. Faster service and field service planning.

World-leading AI-powered technology...


The unique POWEROPT algorithm, together with our deployment and route planning software FLS VISITOUR, enables the intelligent optimisation of schedules and resources in real time. For more flexibility, planning ability, and enormous cost savings.


Increasingly our engineers are the single most valuable asset within our business. They are often now one of the few face to face customer touch-points we have. They solve our customers' problems, they build customer engagement and they are the glue that drives customer loyalty. It is little wonder that tech utilisation is a core KPI for most field service companies and dynamic scheduling is vital technology for driving this metric. In this area FLS is widely regarded as best-in-class technology.

Visit Fast Lean Smart - FLS' website to find out more about their routing solutions




Win more work, streamline operations and deliver a winning customer experience

Our mission is to improve customers lives by accelerating growth and sustainability in our community


BigChange is the complete Job Management Platform that’s helping field service businesses across the UK to win more work, take control of their operations and deliver winning customer experiences.


Bringing customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, field resource management, job finance and business intelligence into one simple to use and easy to integrate platform, BigChange liberates you from inefficient paper-based processes and the complexity of multiple different technology systems that hold your business back.


Loved by office and field teams alike, our customers are achieving industry leading results and return on investment. The BigChange team is committed to customer success and no matter your sector or whether you have a field based workforce of 10 or a 100, we’re here to make a big difference to the way you work and to help your business grow stronger.


Built to help every customer’s business grow stronger, the BigChange Job Management Platform would bring together a range of powerful functions in one simple-to-use and easy-to-integrate platform, including:


  • CRM
  • Job Scheduling
  • Live Tracking
  • Field Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Intelligence
Visit BigChange's website to find out more about their job management solution




Skedulo makes mobile workforce management efficient and pain free — no matter what business you’re in.


Intelligent field service management software


Skedulo makes field service management easy. With Skedulo, you can schedule new jobs and appointments, communicate in real-time with your mobile employees, and automatically assign new jobs based on employee availability and qualifications.


Visit Skedulo's website to find out more about their solutions

Predictive Maintenance Software



Monitor your assets and optimise your workforce with real time predictive maintenance software


What is Predictive Maintenance Software?


Today, maintenance repairs can be expensive and time consuming, therefore it’s important to put processes in place in order to minimise and prevent them. Predictive Maintenance Software uses condition monitoring tools to monitor the performance and condition of equipment and determine when maintenance should be performed. The software predicts possible defects and estimates when they require fixing before a likely failure. As part of an organisations’ maintenance strategy, predictive maintenance differs from preventative maintenance whereby routine repairs and maintenance are scheduled to take place.


Combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive maintenance software evaluates the performance of an asset providing information in real time. This information is provided through capturing data from IoT enabled sensors. This data is then analysed and actioned to prevent failures occurring. Predictive maintenance sensors include monitoring equipment which can detect a variety of things such as vibrations, temperature or humidity.


Visit TotalMobile's website to find out more about the solutions they provide for field service management companies
We will be adding further solution provider cards with additional resources, overviews and connection links regularly between now and the event. We will notify attendees of updates via email so if you wish to receive access to these resources and register to attend now

Field Service Expo Site Map:

With sessions running throughout both days featuring leading industry professionals  and insightful presentations from the leading solutions providers serving our sector the solutions theatre offers an incredible two-day program of education in our sector and is completely free to attend for all field service management professionals 

Two days of must-see presentations for field service professionals for free

Our speakers are reflecting on how the tools and solutions being demonstrated across each of the stands within the expo are being used currently by field service companies like yours to overcome a specific challenge or achieve a focused goal plus for the first time we will also be hosting a series of panel discussions throughout each day to offer further food for thought for as a field service leader. 



Day One

9.45 - How has field service changed since the pandemic? Panel Discussion

In this opening panel discussion we will be looking at how the field service sector has changed since the pandemic and exploring what should be the burning areas of focus for field service companies as we find our way forwards in the post-pandemic world. 

10.30 - Revolutionising service triage with Artificial Intelligence

Discover how you can improve your service triage through enhanced Artificial Intelligence tools and how this can help you drive greater operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction as Aquant take us through a case study outlining how their AI powered tools are revolutionising service for their customers. 

11.00 - What is needed for transformational service management

Field service is going through major transformation and more than ever in the past the need to have robust technological infrastructure is key to delivering effective service consistently. Join this session to understand what that looks like from six times Gartner magic quadrant leader IFS.  

11.30 - Timing the move from legacy to next-gen FSM systems

We have clearly entered a new era of next generation FSM solutions with tools like AI, AR and GIS all being embedded natively within cutting edge systems.


However, field service operations are a) mission-critical and b) reliant on the technologies that support them – so when is the best time to make the move from a legacy system to a next-gen solution and what should that look like. 


Having helped a number of companies transition from a legacy systems to their own next-gen platform, OverIT are perfectly placed to answer some of these questions in this session. 

12.00 - Where have all the engineers gone? Panel Discussion

It has been a long-time coming and is a challenge that we have been all too aware of for some time, yet still we have yet to find an effective solution to the ageing-workforce crisis across our sector. But do the solutions lie in technology, better recruitment or better development programs or a mix of all three? 

14.00 - Can we achieve servitization without digital transformation?

Two of the biggest talking points in our industry are servitization and digital transformation – but how closely are these aligned? Is the former dependent on the latter? Is the latter driven by the former? HSO who have created Dynamics for Advanced Service as a tool to align the two look at the relationship between these two pillars of field service operations in the new normal. 

14.30 - In a world of escalating operational costs we cannot afford to overlook final mile logistics

The field service company that can reduce and minimize any additional delays in the final mile of the service journey will see improvements in a number of key metrics used within field service operations, including improved engineer or technician utilisations, higher customer satisfaction rates and reduced fuel costs.


The latter of these is becoming increasingly more important factor in why field service companies need to embrace solutions that can improve last mile logistics. While cost savings are always sought within any business, reducing unnecessary inner-city delays in 2022 is more important than ever before.


In this presentation BT Final Mile solutions outline the urgent case for more effective final-mile logistics.

15.00 - Why it is important to understand the industries you serve

While much of the challenges that field service companies share are universal across industries, having a detailed knowledge of the verticals that you operate within are highly important. In this presentation from Totalmobile we find out what this means both to them as a company and also their customers. 

15.30 - Is servitization a journey or a spectrum? Panel Discussion

Servitization has increasingly become an important part of our industry with many organisations now having at least some element of advanced services within their portfolio. However, should we view servitization as a progressive journey that we should be ‘evolving’ our service operations towards or more of a spectrum that encompasses customer success right through to outcome-based services? In this panel discussion we shall explore this question in full. 

Day Two

9.45 - How do we align remote service and field service operations. Panel Discussion

Since the lockdowns the concept of remote service has become widely accepted by the customer base of field service companies. However, while many field service organisations may have embraced remote service and introduced it into their service portfolio, still how to define remote service alongisde on-site service delivery remains an important question.


Does remote service become the default go to for all service and maintenance as a tier-1 level of support with on-site service being the escalation option and tier 2 service? 


How do we view our remote-service engineers and our on-site engineers? Who should have the greater technical skill? 


From a practical viewpoint, how do we align the systems so data flow from remote to onsite job-orders remains easily accessible? 


We will tackle these and more in this opening panel discussion of day 2. 

10.30 - Maximizing Asset Data

Asset data is now firmly established as a fundamental pillar of field service operations. Yet, all too often field service companies still find themselves drowning in the huge amounts of data they are creating.


ServiceMax have been at the forefront of helping their customers better leverage the massive potential of their asset data and translate this into meaningful and actionable insight and in this presentation they will outline their solution and approach to maximising asset data. 

11.00 - Defining 'Deskless Productivity'

It can be complicated to manage your deskless workforce, but your employees and customers don’t need to know that. The Deskless Productivity Cloud from Skedulo enables any company in any industry to schedule, manage, engage, and analyze their mobile workforce and in this demonstration they walk you through how. 

11.30 - Why effective scheduling is now non-negotiable

Effective scheduling has always been an important aspect of field service operations, however, in today’s business environment, having the most optimised scheduling routes is no longer a nice to have it is essential. Fuel prices are rising, final mile congestion is growing and customers expectations have been raised into the stratosphere by the likes of Uber and Amazon. 


Having been at the vanguard of best-in-class technology in the dynamic scheduling space FAST LEAN SMART – FLS are perfectly positioned to help us better understand these challenges and outline how their own AI powered scheduling tools are helping their customers overcome them. 

12.00 - What does the field service engineer of the new normal look like? Panel Discussion

Field service is changing so rapidly we cannot afford to rest on our laurels and expect what has always worked to continue to work. With this in mind we must take stock of what skill-sets and attributes we should seek amongst the new field service engineers of the future. In this panel discussion we will try to identify what persona of the field service engineers and technicians of the new normal look like. 

14.00 - Educating your customers and guiding them to success

Like many companies with a broad and expanding toolset BigChange faced a problem. How could they show their customers the breadth of their software capability when there are an extraordinary number of features and possibilities to consider?


Having launched a series of webinars under the umbrella of BigChange University they realised the huge appetite for this type of educational content from their users and have expanded their educational offering into a massive resource, packed with online videos and tutorials that customers can access whenever and wherever they want. 


In doing so BigChange have pointed a way forward in terms of driving customer success that many of their customers can benefit from in using the tools but also learn from in terms of creating a loyal and longstanding customer base and in this presentation they’ll guide us through the process they followed. 

14.30 - Simplifying Digitalisation with Intoware

Digitalisation is at the heart of modern day efficiency in field service operations. Yet, all too often digitalisation can be ill-thought out and doesn’t take full advantage of the new ways of working that we have available in the digital world that were not available to us previously. In this presentation Inotware will give us their key tips on how to make digitalisation effective and seamless. 

15.00 - 3 things you must take away from FSN Live 2022 - Panel Discussion

As we bring the Solutions Theatre to a close our panelists will each reflect on the one thing they think it is imperative that field service leaders that have joined us at FSN Live 2022 should take away with them. 


This final panel is an essential session to attend as it will give you a cheat sheet of ideas to consider for improving your service operations and how you can build an effective plan within your own organisation when you return to HQ. 

Some of the highlights from last year to give you a taste of what you can expect… 

Additional Features: 

Connect with your peers and share best-practices in the Ideas Station:


One of the hugely popular features of the inaugural edition of the Field Service Expo was the Ideas Station. This dedicated space for the exchange of peer-to-peer ideas proved to be a hugely popular area for field service management leaders to pick each others brains and share their knowledge in a quieter area still within the main expo hall. 



To further help with connecting the industry this year we have created an exclusive LinkedIn event page with a dedicated network tab which you will get access to upon subscription. We strongly encourage all attendees to utilise this in advance to connect with fellow attendees as well as posting questions, thoughts and ideas to LinkedIn using the hashtag #FSNLive22 to engage in discussions online ahead of the event which you can then pick up in person at the Ideas Station.

Get best-in-industry guidance on recruitment and development in the Recruitment Clinic

This is a dedicated area of the Field Service Expo where you can meet with a selection of recruitment specialists that truly understand the challenges that field service companies face.


After spending time with our dedicated group of subject matter experts you will be able to understand:


  • What the next generation of field service engineers and technicians are looking for in future employers?
  • What does an attractive remuneration package look like in your sector?
  • Where you should focus your attention in terms of finding new recruits?
  • Understand the benefits/challenges of third party labour?
  • What are the key aspects of a strong recruitment strategy for field service companies?
  • If there is a skills shortage or are you just not looking in the right places and how to plan accordingly?


This is an opportunity to discuss how you can resolve one of the biggest challenges in the industry with genuine subject matter experts.

Get exclusive Expo prices on rugged devices at the Rugged Hardware Store with quotes valid for 4 weeks


There are many, many different elements to consider when selecting the right solution for your field technicians or engineers?


In the exclusive Rugged Store there will be a series of experts on hand to help you navigate the wide array of considerations as to what device is best fit-for-purpose for your team and then let you get your hands on a series of devices that fit your criteria so you can make an informed choice.


After having spent time with our team in the rugged hardware village you will be able to have a far better understanding of:


  • What is the best form factor for your needs? Tablet, Mobile? Laptop? Wearable?
  • What are the tools being used by companies similar to you?
  • What processing power would you require in a device?
  • What are your memory requirements?
  • What is the level of ruggedisation that you should seek for a device?
  • What level of screen and camera resolution is sufficient?
  • What aspects of mobile device management and security are important to consider?


Having been guided by the expert team, you will then be able to see a selection of devices that would be suitable for your needs and will even be able to arrange a competitive priced quote to be sent to you on your return to HQ that will be guaranteed for 4 weeks

Welcome to Edgbaston. An exceptional backdrop to exceptional discussions...

We believe that inspiring surroundings are the key to inspiring conversations and after overwhelmingly positive feedback from all Field Service News Live attendees last year we are proud to have extended our partnership with Edgbaston International Cricket Stadium for our 2022 event series. 

Getting to Edgbaston:

  • Take a train – Edgbaston is just two-miles from Birmingham New Street
  • It is only 80 minutes away from London by train
  • It is only a 20 minute drive to Birmingham International Airport
  • There are over 500 parking spaces on site
  • The excellent hotels of Birmingham City Centre are just 10 minutes away


Address: Edgbaston International Stadium, Edgbaston Rd, Birmingham B5 7QU


Edgbaston. October 5th & 6th 2022. If you are a field service professional you need a good excuse not to be there. Register your place now.

Field Service Expo 2022

Two Day Pass
  • Solutions Theatre
  • Recruitment clinic
  • One-on-one demos
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