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Format: Intimate discussion group of senior service leaders. We set a broad agenda and respect the experience and insight amongst the group to allow the discussion to move in the direction the group sees as most productive.


Duration: One and half hours


Initial points for consideration:


  • With an ongoing challenging economic backdrop is it more important than ever that we leverage our field workers as a revenue stream?
  • Do we risk destroying the trusted advisor of our engineers if we expect them to sell?
  • If we do expect our engineers to sell, what type of incentive schemes work?
  • Given the workforce shortage amongst field service organisations is it wise to add additional layers of responsibility to their role?
  • Could a layer of revenue generation turn off some field workers? Could it attract others?
  • How important is transparency with our customers if we are to allow field engineers to sell?
  • From a process and technology perspective what needs to be implemented to allow field service engineers to sell?