What is the biggest barrier to retention of an engineering workforce?

The #FSN20 is Field Service News’ annual celebration of excellence, innovation and leadership within the global field service sector. One of this year’s members is Sarah Brettle, Director, Customer Service Division, Ford.

Having joined Ford in 2010, Brettle has served in numerous roles in the organisation including After-Sales Marketing Manager and Director of Field Operations which gives her a wealth of insight and expertise that make her an exceptionally rounded service leader.

With a focus on how to turn around industry stereotypes through customer experience and technology, Brettle has her sights firmly set on the future and importance of Field Service within Ford as she hopes to change the customer perception of the retailing experience they may have had and provide an innovative approach through better value, better service and better technology.

As part of our coverage of the #FSN20 Brettle joined Chris Hird on the Field Service News Digital Symposium. As always the long-form format of the conversation allowed space for us to drill into some of the key experiences and insights Brettle has to offer.

In this excerpt from that hour-long discussion Brettle discusses what are the biggest barriers when it comes to retaining the engineers and technicians that they have invested both time and money into developing and how to keep the brightest talents within your engineering workforce.

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#FSN20 is an annual celebration of excellence, innovation and leadership shaping the global field service sector. This content is proudly sponsored by Salesforce.

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