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Coresystems Launches InsightLoop to Revolutionize Field Service Management with AI

With AI becoming an increasingly important factor in field service operations what impact could Coresystems new solution have on our industry?

Coresystems, a leading provider of field service management solutions, is launching its new product InsightLoop, an AI-powered data analytics solution that enables businesses to gain deep insights into their field service operations to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Many service organizations struggle to effectively utilize their collected data. With InsightLoop, businesses can leverage the power of AI and machine learning to analyze data from their field service operations in real-time. Coresystems is now taking the next step and helps companies to predict root causes before the technician arrives on-site, thus increasing first-time fix rates, reducing time-to-resolution, optimizing spare parts usage, and improving the company’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of trips.

“InsightLoop represents a major milestone in our mission to empower service organizations by helping them understand their operations through visualization of data, and improving their operational service efficiency through faster resolution,” said Jean-Thomas Célette, CEO of Coresystems. “We are excited to offer a solution that provides clear and concise insights that enable our clients to make data-driven decisions, ultimately allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in both the quality of their service and their cost base.”

Overcome Service Organization Challenges with InsightLoop:

Increasing 1st-time fix:

When technicians arrive on-site without sufficient data and the necessary spare parts, it can lead to low first-time fix rates. This not only leads to delays in resolving issues but also creates dissatisfaction among customers. With InsightLoop technicians will have the information and parts they need to fix the issue on their first visit, reducing the need for additional visits and minimizing delays.

Optimising part-replacement:

Uncertainty about the root cause of a problem can cause technicians to replace multiple parts, leading to higher costs and worsening the issue. Providing technicians with accurate data and necessary spare parts can improve first-time fix rate and reduce costs for service organizations.

Establishing a unified data view

InsightLoop tackles data fragmentation in service organizations by providing a unified approach to data analysis. It streamlines data access and analysis to unlock valuable insights and optimize operations. By doing so, it reduces wasted time and resources and improves overall efficiency.

Unlocking engineer potential:

InsightLoop transforms the way technicians interact with data by providing real-time insights that make their jobs easier without the need for an additional app. Instead of being burdened with tedious reporting tasks, technicians can now focus on what they do best – delivering outstanding service. By turning raw data into actionable insights, InsightLoop helps to improve the quality of the data, and in turn, the overall efficiency of the service organization.

“InsightLoop unlocks a new standard in field service excellence and will help our clients leverage the vast amount of data they collect and use it efficiently,” said Ahmed Warreth, Head of Product at Coresystems. “We want to make the process of shifting to a data-driven organization quick and simple, so our clients can focus on delivering outstanding service to their customers “.

InsightLoop is available now. For more information visit: www.coresystems.ch/en/solutions/insightloop