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“Designed to” or “certified at” – why these two phrases mean very different things in the world of rugged

Ben Baum, Durabook, discusses the importance of genuine third party testing to ensure devices are up to the rigours of day to day field service.

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Can we train remote technicians if they have never worked within a field role?

Martin McLean reflects on whether it is possible to train remote technicians to solve customer issues as effectively as those who have a previous background working in field service.

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What do the technical specs in rugged devices actually mean

Ben Baum, Durabook, discusses the meanings of some of the often confusing technical specifications of rugged devices.

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The best technology is technology you don’t notice

Kris Oldland and Rajat Kakar discuss how it is the effortlessness of the user that defines true technological leaps forward.

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Do we want our most experienced technicians in the field or remote service specialists?

Martin McLean draws on his experience as a technician both in the field and now as a remote service specialist to reflect on a critical question – where do we place our most experienced technicians?

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The Importance of Empowering Field Service Technicians With Always Ready Tools

Ben Baum, Durabook explains why field service companies need to make sure that the devices provided to their technicians are fit-for-purpose and allow them to work to their fullest potential.

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Overcoming potential customer barriers to adopting remote service tools?

Martin McClean talks us through how he personally approaches overcoming any barrier to remote service his customers have

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Why Total Cost of Ownership is about far more than just the life-cycle of a device

Ben Baum, Durabook explains how the case of Total Cost of Ownership has evolved beyond the lifecycle of the devices and includes productivity of our field techs

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Research Briefing: Servitization in a post-pandemic world

Access this exclusive FSN Research report, in partnership with HSO, where we ask did the pandemic kill servitization or make it stronger?

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Field service engineers are becoming an increasingly scarce resource

While embracing new technologies such as AR and AI to drive productivity is desirable, the reality is that in the shadow of a very real ageing workforce crisis, doing so may be a matter of survival for many field service organisations…

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