Author: Bill Pollock

Service Strategy

How Aware Are You of Your Field Service Organisation’s Awareness in the Marketplace?

As service becomes a core differentiator amongst competing for business the ability to sell the value of service is an essential facet of modern business strategy. Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for Growth discusses the nuance of marketing the value of your service and how to get it right…

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Digital Transformation

Monetising the Impact of the IoT in Field Service

Bill Pollock, President, Strategies for GrowthSM tackles one of the biggest questions smart Field Service Directors are asking themselves today – how to make money from IoT based field service delivery…

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FSM Technology

The State of the UK/Europe Field Service Management (FSM)Market in 2017 – and Beyond!

Bill Pollock reveals some of the key findings of this year’s Strategies for GrowthSM  benchmark survey with a specific lens on the Uk and European market…

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