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IAA Transportation – Sono Motors to Premiere Several Commercial Vehicles With Solar Solutions

In Cooperation With Their Partners, Sono Motors Will Present Their State-Of-The-Art Solar Solutions for Refrigerated Trailers, E-Buses, and E-Transporters for the First Time

Sono Motors (subsidiary to “Sono Group N.V.”, NASDAQ: SEV), the company pioneering solar-powered mobility, will participate for the first time as an exhibitor at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover.

From 19 – 25 September (exclusive press day on 19 September), the Munich-based solar mobility OEM will present its proprietary solar technology as well as several solar integrated prototypes of commercial vehicles to a broad public.

At booth number C02 in Hall 26, the experts from Sono Motors will be demonstrating the Solar Bus Kit, a technology solution that can be used for retrofitting diesel buses.

The Solar Bus Kit enables CO2 emissions and fuel savings and was previewed at Sono Motors’ Celebrate the Sun event on 25 July. In Hall 27 and on the adjacent open-air site, Sono Motors, CHEREAU, and three new partners will be demonstrating different trailer prototypes with solar integration.

“Energy prices are rising and new emission regulations have to be met. The Euro 7 standard, for example, will be introduced in the next few years. Bus and truck fleet operators will also have to respond to this.

Our solar solutions can save fuel and costs in addition to CO2 emissions, and increase range and autarky,” says Laurin Hahn, CEO and Co-Founder of Sono Motors.