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OverIT appoints Claudio Bartolini as Chief Technology Officer

The new Chief Technology Officer Claudio Bartolini will report to OverIT’s CEO and Chairman, Paolo Bergamo. This leadership addition promises to accelerate OverIT’s growth ambition.

OverIT, leading Field Service Management software provider, today announced the appointment of Claudio Bartolini, as its new Chief Technology Officer.

Bartolini will report to OverIT‘s CEO and Chairman, Paolo Bergamo. This leadership addition promises to accelerate OverIT’s growth ambition.

Dr. Bartolini brings unique technical skills and knowledge with his solid background in cloud and analytics. Throughout his career, with over 20 years of experience in the UK, US, and Southeast Asia, he has driven the transformation of engineering, architecture, and research functions from startups to technology giants such as HP / Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Claudio joins OverIT from Uniphore, where he served as VP of Engineering, Developer Platforms; prior to this role, he led the architecture function at Equinix up to the development of the foundational blueprint underpinning the company’s digital transformation and its nascent digital services business, and was responsible for API governance at Box, providing technical leadership on developer ecosystems and experience and SDKs.

In his role at OverIT, Bartolini will oversee the Product, Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Infrastructure Teams. Together with his people, he will inspire innovative product developments to compete and win in the rapidly evolving and highly competitive Field Service Management market.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Claudio to the OverIT Team” said Paolo Bergamo, CEO and Chairman. “Claudio is an outstanding leader with a proven ability to build and lead high performing teams that shape the innovative products of the future. Again, and never enough said, it is the powerful combination of our attentive approach to customers and partners, unprecedented user experience, top-notch industry expertise and integration of emerging technologies that pave the way to our product’s success”.

Claudio Bartolini, Chief technology Officer commented, “I am eager to work alongside the OverIT team to help drive the next stages of this growth and empower future generations of digital field service workers. I’m drawn to solving complex technical and organizational challenges that always arise in every company at the stage OverIT is at, now. My passion and specialty are building platforms capable of providing the technical, operational, and organizational foundations that help companies the next step in their growth and unlock their innovation potential. I’m impressed by OverIT culture and people, and I’m looking forward to joining, learning from, leading, and mentoring this group of great engineers.”

OverIT, backed by Bain Capital and NB Renaissance, is a multinational company with more than 20 years of international and cross-industry experience in Field Service Management software. The company is recognized by premier global advisory and consulting organizations as a leading FSM and AR industries vendor, according to its product offering and deep industry expertise. OverIT has over 300 customers in 30+ countries.