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OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Two

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Two unleashes its full potential, not only delivering an extensive list of features, expanding the product offering and the quality of the platform, but also making the software even more configurable, enabling seamless integration with other systems, and helping partners tailor and satisfy every customer’s needs.

We encourage and increase the ability to configure our platform, providing many new features now available:

· New configuration engine and new user interface

· Single sign-on technologies

· Branding, customization of the look & feel of the User Interface and its localization

We facilitate the integration of our platform:

· Redefining the operation environment of the Next-Gen FSM Platform, allowing our customers to rely on native integration with AWS cloud services.

· Expanding the REST API catalog

The Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Two also introduces new features, expanding the value proposition. The platform presents new Machine Learning capabilities making the Field Service process 100% precise, optimizing the efficiency of the scheduling process, and enhancing the mobile user experience while in the field, working in a solid network security system with the latest innovative devices.

· ML-based spare part suggestion: improving first-time-fix rate powered by Machine Learning techniques Watch the video

· Job bundler: improving the efficiency of field operations, optimizing the schedule Watch the video.

· Safety checklists: ensuring compliance in the workplace, reducing hazards

· Job guide: being guided in the execution of operations without forgetting all necessary steps

· Collaboration in secure networks: providing security features to access and share data

· Augmented Collaboration on HoloLens2: making the most of the ultimate in technology during remote collaboration sessions. Watch the video.

· Collaboration on IP Cam: providing organizations with the next-gen of quality inspections and tests Discover on OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Two HERE.

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