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Challenges in the final mile are only going to get harder

The challenges of final mile delivery are ones all field service professionals understand only too well. The Pareto principle is alive and well in field service logistics. Every time our engineers head to a customer site in an urban centre – eighty percent of their journey time is likely spent on the last twenty percent …...

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Managing Service Profitability in the Age of Digital Transformation

All aspects of field service are changing, including revenue models. We know that the service department is probably the single largest contributor to the margin of your organization. But when I would ask you: when do you know you are doing a great job? What is your reference, your yardstick?   We know the call …...

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Is It Better to Light a Candle Than to Curse the Darkness?

Dave Hart, Managing Partner of Field Service Associates, highlights the importance of benchmarking your business against your competitors to fully understand if your strategy and plans are working. I have to say for almost 18 months now I have been an avid watcher of the news with particular interest in seeing the daily coronavirus...

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State of the Field Service Sector

State of the Field Service Sector During the Field Service Expo, which took place in Birmingham on 27th and 28th of October, BigChange held a presentation discussing the findings of a major research project that the company has conducted about the state of UK’s field service sector.   Nick Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer at...

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5 Enemies of Growth – What is Hitting Field Service Firms Hard?

5 Enemies of Growth: What is Hitting Field Service Firms Hard? In this third feature of a series of excerpts from a recent white paper published by BigChange, we analyse the key issues that hit field service businesses in the past 12 months. Despite rapid growth, businesses with field-based teams reported three key issues that …...

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Blaze new trail with Field Service, now

Blaze new trail with Field Service, now In many ways the world in which we operate has changed so radically that the work-flows of just two years ago may today seem antiquated and outdated for many of us in the field service sector. Yet at the same time when it comes to the fundamentals of …...

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Deliver Service Anytime, Anywhere With Visual Remote Assistance

Deliver Service Anytime, Anywhere With Visual Remote Assistance With remote customer assistance, field service organisations can deliver service from anywhere, keeping both workers and customers safe writes Eric Jacobson, VP Product Management, Salesforce… No matter what’s happening in the world, customers still need service....

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The rapid rise of Realwear as a major solution provider to the field service sector

The rapid rise of Realwear as a major solution provider to the field service sector As part of our ongoing series of interviews in the Field Service News Digital Symposium Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News spoke with Dr. Chris Parkinson, CTO and Founder, Realwear, about the important considerations field service companies...

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Mental Health: Understanding the Change Curve we are all Going Through

We are all living in completely unknown times. The past couple of months has seen so many changes to the way that we work, rest and play; none of which we would have realised would have such profound effects on us all. For people in services, it has been extreme beyond all measure explains Martin …...

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Five P’s to Post-Covid Service Resilience

Martin Summerhayes offers a take on the five P’s business acronym that could help service directors when they switch their infrastructure back on. Before you jump to a different conclusion, the five P’s in the title is not the normal phrase that many of you know (poor planning, promotes poor performance!). As we are all …...

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