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Selling Service: Inside Philips’ Unconventional Team Structure

Aquant recently spoke with Peter Lee, Senior Manager of Service Sales and Marketing at Philips about on the most effective approach to sales and service.

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New Survey Reveals Top Five Challenges for Field Service Leaders in 2023

Aquant recently surveyed 100 field service leaders and the data revealed that hiring, retaining, and motivating workers is the most pressing topic.

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Achieving Work-Life Balance in the Fast-Paced Service Industry: Practical Lessons for Leaders

Aquant recently spoke with Lacey Gigante, Director of Post-Market Surveillance at Integra Life Sciences about how to achieve work-life balance in the service industry.

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Field Service Costs Rose Sharply in 2022 Despite Overall Service Improvements

On average, bottom-performers of service organizations cost 67% more than top-performers, indicating that the skills gap is a major factor in rising costs – in addition to inflation.

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Aquant Expands Offering of Service Hero App for Technicians Who Service Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Aquant expands its Service Hero™ product line to enable food service technicians to resolve commercial kitchen appliance issues in real-time, while becoming experts in all major commercial kitchen appliances and …...

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