Author: Chris Hird

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Service Consolidation

Service Consolidation Depending on the complexity of projects it may be optimal to consolidate the various service providers under the...

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How will regulations drive digital transformation requirements for field service companies?

For us in the field service sector, there are many areas of regulation and governance that we must be aware of including GDPR, Right to Repair, ESG and DEI. Does this change how we should approach our continuing adoption of technology?

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Digital Transformation

Ecosystem to Deliver Services

Ecosystem to Deliver Services In todays connected word, people expect to engage and be engaged by organisations in new ways, in ways that...

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What does the right to repair movement mean for the field service sector?

Chris Hird, Field Service News, discusses what the emerging right to repair movement will mean for the field service sector

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Defining Servitization

Defining Servitization Before looking at the question of, is servitization dependent on being OEM owned we discussed what does...

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Quality Assurance: How Can You Ensure You Meet Service Excellence on Every Visit

There is little doubt that a great customer experience helps field service organisations move towards the goal of customer success and...

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The Technology That Matters For the Future of Field Service

As we begin to emerge out of the pandemic the one significant positive that we can harness is the sustained focus on accelerating digital...

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Service Strategy

Digitalization & Disruption

Digitalization & Disruption Our industry was on a path towards digital transformation long before the pandemic hit.However, it is...

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