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Masternaut deploys telematics for the remote monitoring of commercial cranes and heavy lifting equipment

New service uses the telematics provider’s contactless CANbus connectivity to stream accurate data live from the vehicle or crane unit.

Masternaut, one of Europe’s largest telematics providers, is now offering remote monitoring for commercial cranes and heavy lifting equipment operators. Fully integrated with Masternaut’s core fleet product, the service enables fleet and construction plant managers to access real time utilisation and productivity data to improve asset management performance.

The solution combines asset management functionality for crane and construction equipment operators and fleet management intelligence for vehicles. Assets are installed with Masternaut’s patented MuxyGPS hardware, featuring contactless CANbus connectivity, to provide unparalleled accuracy.

The data – which is both streamed in real time and aggregated into tailored customer reports – consists of asset details including temperature, water and oil levels, pressure values and weight carried. Through live alerts, equipment operators have the ability to monitor the condition of the crane remotely, facilitating predictive maintenance scheduling and the proactive deployment of engineers help address malfunctions faster.

The use of telematics-based geofencing also creates a virtual security field around the asset and site, and, over time, can be used in collaboration with insurers to create bespoke policies and reduce premiums.

In addition to live insight on static assets, the technology is able to transmit driver performance intelligence for mobile and crawler cranes, including RPM, speed, braking and acceleration, assisting in the monitoring of driver safety and ensuring that the workforce is fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

European Managing Director of Masternaut, Steve Towe, comments: “Our commercial crane and heavy lifting equipment offering is far more technical than standard fleet installations. However, combining our experience in fleet management with cutting-edge technology means that we’re able to offer telematics deployment on manufacturers including the Leibherr and Terex ranges, as well as equipment with Mercedes and Iveco ECUs.  Having finalised the proof of concept with these OEMs we are now able to extend the range of equipment covered, rapidly bringing to market this new service for crane rental companies, owner-operators and construction businesses.”