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Aquant Produces Covid-19 Resilience Hub

Aquant has created a content hub which includes webinars, virtual roundtables, and other ways for the service industry to connect.

Service leaders community includes roundtables, webinars and executive slack workplace.

Service professional have dramatically altered their plans due to Covid-19. Simultaneously, they are preparing long-term strategies for recovery and growth. Without a blueprint, they are making quick pivots and seeking the support of colleagues to discuss what’s working, what to avoid, how to keep their workforce safe and how best to maintain continuity.

In response, Aquant has created a content hub, Resources for Resilience, which includes webinars, virtual roundtables, and other ways for the service industry to connect. 

We’ve listened to our customers and the industry as they ask, ‘What’s next?’ and work to figure our the complex challenges that lay ahead for them,” said Mairead Ridge, Aquant’s VP of Marketing, “Our goal is to help service leaders learn from the experiences fo their peers by amplifying the collective wisdom of service pros across the industry.”

Join the Slack Workspace for service leaders, a place to have the important discussions they’d otherwise be having at industry events and forums, now postponed.

Upcoming events include:

May 5 – Virtual Roundtable: An Interactive Discussion about Covid-19 Response

Attend a forum of field service leaders for an interactive discussion about facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Share ideas and get inspiration from other service professionals about response and recovery. Sign up now.

May 12 Webinar – Creating the Service Organization of the Future

Rodger Smelcer, Co-Founder and VP of United Service Technologies is mounting a Covid-19 comeback strategy; making investments in technology and and workforce training that is moving the organisations away from reactive break-fix work and towards planed an predictive maintenance. Register to attend.

Webinar Replay – Adapting Service Innovation Strategies for the New Normal

Join Gyner Ozgul, Senior VP of Operations at Smart Care Equipment Solutions as he discusses how his organization is changing the way they do business by empowering its workforce to make better, data-driven decisions. Listen now.

Webinar Repay: How Comfort Systems Combats Shifting Workforce Challenges witg AI

Joe Lang, VP, Service Technology and Innovation of Comfort Systems, shares how the team is using AI to build a single source of service knowledge based on the collective experience of the workforce. He also touches on the strategic initiative for up-skilling a new generation of technicians. Listen now.

To learn more and connect with service peers, visit Resources for Resilience, a Series for Service Leaders