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Webfleet’s OEM.connect programme to include Renault Group vehicles

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, has announced that Renault Group vehicles will participate in Webfleet’s OEM.connect programme.

Through OEM.connect, Renault Group passenger and light commercial vehicles with line-fitted connectivity will be ready to connect with Webfleet’s service platform without the need for aftermarket hardware installation. This will make it easier, faster and cheaper for fleet managers to use telematics technology.

With OEM.connect, Renault Group vehicles will be able to transmit vehicle data directly to Webfleet, the award-winning fleet management solution. All that is needed to connect the vehicles is the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Businesses with Renault Group vehicles will be able to access the standard Webfleet applications, helping streamline their operations and supporting fleet managers in maximising fleet performance, reducing operating costs and encouraging green and safe driving.

“We are excited to welcome Renault Group to our OEM.connect programme,” says Taco van der Leij, Vice President of Webfleet Europe at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

“Having another popular car manufacturer joining the programme underlines the added value OEM.connect is creating for our joint customers and highlights the importance of telematics data and their actionable insights for fleets.” 

Watch the video below to find out more