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Konica Minolta Selects IFS Cloud to Transform Field Service Management Performance 

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announces that Japanese multinational technology company Konica Minolta will implement IFS’s Field Service Management software to future-proof its service operations.

Konica Minolta currently have around two million customers in 150 countries. The company is a leading provider of digital workplace services, commercial and industrial printing, and optical systems for industrial use, which means the company has a large field service operation with 3,250 employees.

With the IFS solution, Konica Minolta will transition to a predictive maintenance model that will allow them to plan the deployment of field service staff more efficiently across ten national operating companies (NOCs) across Europe. IFS Cloud will also ensure maximum equipment uptime, reduce engineer call outs, and achieve a heightened customer experience.

As part of their ‘Next Generation Field Service Management’ objective – to be completed by the end of 2023 – AI-supported planning and scheduling optimization will enable employees to align schedules and optimise and deploy resources in real-time, allowing them to automatically allocate work orders.  Also, the proactive evaluation of IoT generated data, for example by production printers and systems for medical image diagnosis, is another application the IFS solution supports. This enables service technicians to predict whether defects are imminent or unscheduled maintenance is due.

The use of mobile technology can provide a competitive edge in field service – access to all relevant data at all times is essential for successful field service operations. IFS Cloud’s Field Service Management capabilities provide the same user experience on iOS, Android or Windows, which means employees can check the availability of spare parts on a smartphone or tablet and create invoices and quotations on site at the customer. This not only increases the efficiency of the service, but also provides great Moments of Service.

IFS Cloud will replace Konica Minolta’s ClickSoftware installation and works seamlessly with existing enterprise applications. Konica Minolta uses SAP software in parts of their business, which will have a bidirectional integration with the IFS solution.

Glenn Arnesen, President Europe North & Central at IFS, on the cooperation with Konica Minolta: “We are proud that a renowned company like Konica Minolta wants to future-proof its field service management with IFS Cloud. Our solution supports the company with services related to the installation of systems and equipment.”Ged Cranny, Senior Consultant at Konica Minolta: “With the IFS solution, we can realize our vision of Next Gen Field Service Management. The first pilot project in Belgium and the Netherlands with around 130 employees is going very promisingly. In the next step, we will make the new solution available to around 1,000 field service technicians in ten national operating companies across Europe. In IFS, we have found a partner that provides us with excellent support in offering our customers even better service and accompanying them on their way to becoming a digital company.”

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